Prayer & Care

Eucharistic Ministers & Visitors

Various Dates/Times/Venues
Bring Holy Communion and/or a friendly visit to our homebound members to provide a connection to our community, especially to those who may feel disconnected. Contact: Pastor Leslie or Carolyn Dufelmeier


Prayer Chain Ministry

We are a “not-so-small” group of 80 members who are available to say a prayer after being notified by phone or email, whenever I receive a prayer request and send it out. There are many, varied types of prayer requests: simple petitions asking God for help, prayers of thanksgiving and praise, and prayer updates for prayers that span a length of time. We pray for members of the congregation, for family and friends of members, and for world situations, especially tragedies. We don’t have meetings, only notifications, asking you to pray. Contact: Terry Westerman or CLC Office


Healing Prayer

10 a.m., Tuesdays, Rode Prayer Chapel
A small group of members gather for about half an hour to hear a short spiritual reading, receive Holy Communion and Anointing, and offer and receive “soaking prayer” (silent prayer for a few minutes while music is played). We silently pray for each person present. Contact: Terry Westerman or CLC Office