What do we believe about marriage?

God’s intentions for human interactions are beautifully seen in the relationship of marriage; a couple living together in mutual help, comfort, graciousness, companionship, and commitment.  To be a committed partner to someone is a great and solemn vocation, so marriage ought to be entered reverently, discreetly, advisedly but always with the assurance that God enters alongside us to support us and gift us with mutual happiness and peace that mirror God’s great love.

We also recognize that marriage is a human institution, and therefore not immune to sin, our human brokenness, by which the gladness of marriage can be overcast and the gift of family can become a burden. Even still, God continues to bless marriage with abundant and ever-present support.  At Christ Lutheran we want to offer support to you in the good times and the difficult times of your marriage.  This is our commitment to you and the vows you have made to your loved one.

When we attend a wedding those gathered are often also asked to make a promise.  The gathered assembly is asked to promise that they too, by God’s grace, will support and care for the couple; to pray for them in times of trouble, give thanks with them in times of joy, honor the bonds of their covenant, and affirm the love of God reflected in their life together.  Because of these promises, when we welcome married couples into our midst at Christ Lutheran we also are committed to supporting them in their promises to one another.

Ways to Care for your Marriage

Our pastors are always available for pastoral care you are facing a difficult time in your marriage. Just call the church office to make an appointment.

Check out our Counseling Page for more resources.

Weddings at Christ Lutheran

We accept member and non-member wedding applications.  Please see our wedding brochure and application form for more details if you are interested in planning your covenantal day at Christ Lutheran.

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