Faith University: Sunday Mornings

On Sunday Mornings, we meet during the 9:30 a.m. education hour in the Fellowship Hall.  All adults are welcome!

Typically our classes are a combination of lecture and discussion.  So if you’re a learner who likes to come and just soak it in, this can be the environment for you.  There is no required homework; just show up with an open mind and a desire to learn.

We usually try to offer classes on a variety of topics each year, always including at least a couple of Bible studies, but also considering theological topics, church history or other faith conversations.  During this time period, we also have the occasional intergenerational event or special forums on timely topics or to learn about other ministries.

Some classes that have been offered in recent years include: The Gospel of Mark, Ancient Theologians, The Book of Revelation, Christianity & Philosophy, Making Sense of Scripture and Re-Learning the Liturgy. Check out our newsletter, The Proclaimer, for our current offerings.

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