OVERSTREET 6694Sunday Mornings at CLC: 

Livestream & In-Person at 9:30 a.m.

Worship Services

Our worship services are energetic, joyful, and follow the ancient liturgy of the church (group confession and absolution, chanting the Kyrie or singing the Gloria, readings from scripture, creatively presenting the Psalms, hearing a sermon, reflecting our community and world in the prayers of the people, sharing in communion, receiving final blessings, and being sent into the world to share the love we have received.) We also sing the hymns of the church. We have a wonderful organist, choir directors, Sanctuary Choir (adults), Gloria Choir (youth), and Bell Choir. You will regularly hear works by Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Rutter, Parker, and more. So we are steeped in tradition at Christ Lutheran, and we celebrate sharing the same liturgy of the church from 2000 years ago. But there’s also lots of innovation here! We include poetry, quotes, and images in our bulletins. We have a resident liturgical artist, Mary Overstreet, who designs art installations to evoke the theme of a given liturgical season. We incorporate community art and hands-on activities into worship. With each new Sunday and every new liturgical season, you never know what new things we will be doing to enhance our ancient worship life.


At Christ Lutheran we are also VERY serious about preaching. Our pastor works diligently each week to engage scripture and bring it to life. She connects the Word of God with our everyday lives, and employs a “faith seeking understanding” approach. Her sermons aren’t afraid to address the challenges scripture poses and to admit that sometimes we struggle with certain passages. Overall, she preaches with an emphasis on God’s grace for each and every last one of us. Our pastor is also ALWAYS open to hearing your ideas about her preaching. If something in a sermon leaves you with a question or a comment, she wants to hear about it.

Holy Communion

Two thousand years ago Jesus ate with sinners and those whom others scorned. He still does. None of us is worthy, except by God’s grace. No matter what you have done or what your present condition, Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin, and who seek to live in peace with one another.

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